New Tactics For New Boom Beach Players Are Out!

Posted by EcribrO on 2015-08-23

Boom Beach Special Tactics!

Wondering which game is the best one for every mobile device, and with which game you will be able to have hours and hours of fun? Today we will present one really great game which should be played by every mobile gamer since it is just amazing. Today we will talk about Boom Beach which is latest creation of Supercell gaming company based in Finland. You probably heard about this company since they made the most popular mobile game ever called Clash of Clans. Boom Beach is really similar to Clash of Clans which is really important to mention since there is big possibility that you are Clash of Clans player! Boom Beach triche is one of the great websites where you can find new tactics!

boom beach mobile game

Great thing about Boom Beach mobile game is fact that it is free to play and you can download it whenever you want to for free! That is really great because you can try it out for free and keep on playing if you like it. IF you decide to start playing Boom Beach you should read all great guides and find out tricks and tips which will help you to develop fast enough to survive early game which is the most important thing in this addictive mobile game. First thing you need to do is to develop your base and make some early troops for example few warriors and two or three tanks. That will help you to survive attacks from other players which are ready to steal all your resources.

Ready to develop your base?

Explore islands around you and take big amounts of resources as soon as possible. With bonus resources you can develop even more structures and upgrade them to get various bonuses. Also bonus resources will allow you to make even more troops and attack other islands around you which is best goal in this strategy game. Don’t forget to start upgrading your base before you decide to go away from keyboard because some upgrades requires over 2 hours. That is really important to mention!

Top 10 Reasons Why To Use Facebook This Year!

Posted by EcribrO on 2015-07-27

Sending messages via Facebook chat

Facebook is a social network, which is totally free to register and use. It exists for more than 11 years, and it made communicating over the internet very popular. Used by the people of all ages, pirater un compte Facebook gratuitement has over a billion registered users. Big part of them uses every day to stay in touch with friends and family for free; but also to see what their Facebook friends are doing at the moment, see where they are (if checked in), and what are they listening to (if shared music), how are they feeling, and all that without a single word spoken. Send cute emoji’s to friends and cheer them up. Send virtual postcards, gifts, and stickers – for free, of course. Stay in touch with your childhood friends who are living somewhere far away, or simply text your parents and don’t feel it on your phone bill.

Top 5 rules to follow on Facebook

Someone is being rude and is acting inappropriate? Block them, and they will never again be able to text you or see your profile on Facebook – it’s that simple.
When you take a good selfie share it right from you Smartphone and let people enjoy it, too. Best one set to be your profile picture – show yourself in best way possible. Almost all people of Facebook do that. It is also a way to kind of feed your ego.

facebook notifications

Like and comment your friend’s posts, if they seem interesting to you. Meet new people: if someone seems nice or familiar to you, just simply add them as a Facebook friend, wait for them to accept the request and text them, like photo, or write on their timeline.
Control your privacy for every post, and don’t let everyone see your photos and important life events – your data might be stolen. Also, never reveal your personal information’s, like your card number, phone number, address, or passwords.

facebook profile

Most important, respect Facebook rules, and act accordingly to that. Inappropriate contents will be deleted, and you might even have law problems if not acting how Facebook team predicted you to.
Enjoy Facebook, and let this application make your life much easier.